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Team WEST wins the Battle of Bayview!

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East vs West
Sarah set a goal for this year’s campaign of raising 24,000 pounds of food. That was a goal for the ENTIRE two week period.

We are thrilled to announce that The Battle of Bayview nearly raised that amount in the School Challenge alone!

Here are results:

TEAM EAST COMBINED TOTAL: 10,665 pounds of food (per capita 6.4 pounds of food per student)
TEAM WEST COMBINED TOTAL: 12,620 pounds of food (per capita 10.2 pounds of food per student)
TOTAL RAISED FOR BATTLE OF BAYVIEW: 23,196 POUNDS OF FOOD (per capita 8 pounds of food per student)


Congratulations to Bennington Heights, Maurice Cody and Blythwood!! Many thanks to each of you for your help, leadership and enthusiasm for Sarah’s Food Drive and the Battle of Bayview! We are so thankful to all six schools, teachers, parents and administrators for eagerly coming on board and embracing this drive with such passion.

On behalf of our family and our friends at The Daily Bread Food Bank, I would like to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

Neal Brothers and Nutshell donate more than 12,000 pounds

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Neal Brothers logoNutshell logo

For the past two years, Sarah’s Food Drive has benefited from the tremendous generosity of Peter and Chris Neal of Neal Brothers Foods. This year, they have contributed in tremendous fashion in conjunction with ‘Nutshell – Live Life Well’ stores, together donating over 12,000 pounds of food to the 6th annual food drive. That is over 1/2 of Sarah’s goal for the drive.

Thanks to Peter Neal of Neal Brothers for coordinating both the donation of food from Neal Brothers as well as the donation from Nutshell.

We sincerely appreciate the donations! They go a long way to helping hit Sarah’s goal this year.

Less than a week to go! We still need your help!

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

160 Thanksgiving hampers built!

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On Saturday, October 5th, Tremblett’s valu-mart hosted a BBQ and Thanksgiving hamper build in support of Sarah’s Food Drive. From noon until 5, Rob and Jessi Tremblett hosted a BBQ. Hamburgers and hot dogs were available in return for a donation to Sarah’s Food Drive.

Over 30 local kids then helped build 160 Thanksgiving hampers that were purchased by customers of Tremblett’s, as well as local businesses.

The hampers were also part of a challenge from Kraft Canada — where Kraft donated $100 for every hamper purchased (up to $10,000). Kraft Canada was on hand to hand over a cheque for $10,000!

Over $750 was raised from the BBQ, and over 20 bins of food were picked up by The Daily Bread Food Bank.

A great way to end the first week of the food drive! There is still one week to go. The drive ends on October 13th.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Thank you to everyone who purchased a hamper or volunteered on Saturday to help build the hampers!

One week to go! We still need your help!

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

The Kraft Canada Challenge

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Kraft logo
We are pleased to announce the corporate support of Kraft Canada. Kraft Canada has come on board in a very unique way, namely to challenge people to buy Thanksgiving holiday hampers, in support of the food drive.

Thanksgiving holiday hampers have been an important part of Sarah’s Food Drive and over the past two years, over 350 hampers have been assembled and distributed to families in need.

The annual Thanksgiving holiday hamper build is also an opportunity for the local community to come out and contribute in a grass roots way. Families and children are invited to assemble the hampers, thereby giving them a deeper connection to the cause.

Holiday hampers are available for purchase at Tremblett’s Valu-Mart (1500 Bayview Ave.) for $25. Each hamper includes a frozen ham or turkey and all the fixings for a complete Thanksgiving meal for a family in need. They will be distributed by The Daily Bread Food Bank.

The Kraft Canada Challenge

For every Thanksgiving holiday hamper purchased at Tremblett’s Valu-Mart, Kraft will donate $100 to Sarah’s Food Drive, to a maximum of 100 hampers (or $10,000).

The Thanksgiving holiday hampers are on sale now and can be purchased until Saturday October 5th at 2:30pm.

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

The Battle of Bayview! School Challenge – East vs West

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East vs West

We are just days away from the start of the School Challenge in support of Sarah’s Food Drive. This year, there are 6 schools participating, and we have organized them into a Battle of Bayview ‘East vs West’.

TEAM EAST: Northlea, Bessborough, Rolph Road
TEAM WEST: Bennington Heights, Maurice Cody, Blythwood

The Challenge runs from September 30th – October 4th. During that time, students are encouraged to bring in items much needed by the Daily Bread Food Bank.

You can also contribute to your school by making a donation online through your school’s personalized donation page:

Bennington Heights donation page
Bessborough donation page
Rolph Road donation page
Northlea donation page
Maurice Cody PS donation page
Blythwood Jr PS donation page

Both Sarah and her sister, Claire, will be speaking at assemblies at each of the 6 schools to officially kick-off the School Challenge.

Good luck to all schools involved in the challenge!

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

New logo!

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Hi everyone.

We have a new logo for the food drive this year. My mum and dad and I worked with and asked people to design a logo. We had over 100 designs created and we picked one from Dan Budzban. Dan is a sixth grade teacher in Arizona.

We love the design he came up with. We hope you do too!



Sarah’s 6th Annual Food Drive!

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Tremblett's valu-mart visit Aug 17 2013
On August 17th, we paid a visit to one of the biggest supporters of Sarah’s Food Drive – Tremblett’s valu-mart. Rob and Jessi Tremblett are on board again this year, and we are excited! Starting September 28th, you will be able to once again drop off food at Tremblett’s valu-mart at 1500 Bayview Avenue (Get directions here). Rob and Jessi will also be hosting a BBQ at valu-mart on October 5th.

Sarah’s goal this year is to raise 24,000 pounds of food. We will need the help of everyone in our community to help make this happen!

We truly appreciate Rob and Jessie’s support.

More to come.

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

21,573 pounds raised!

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Hi everyone.

The final numbers are in, and we raised a grand total of 21,573 pounds of food!

That is almost 10,000 pounds MORE than our goal of 12,000 pounds.

We couldn’t have done this without the support of the community, our friends, and the amazing students and parents in our neighbourhood.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who participated, supported, donated and helped to promote Sarah’s Food Drive.

Just wait until you see what Sarah has in store for next year!

Mark (Sarah’s dad)

North Leaside vs South Leaside School Challenge Results!

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Hi everyone.

The results of the 1st North Leaside vs South Leaside School Challenge are in!

First of all, hats off to the unbelievable spirit of the three schools that participated: Rolph Road Elementary School, Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School, and Northlea Public School.

Here are the results:

South Leaside

  • Bessborough (food raised): 1,016 pounds
  • Rolph Rd (food raised): 1,185 pounds
  • Bessborough and Rolph Rd (cash donations): $1,895 (which equals 1,895 pounds of food)

South Leaside Total: 4,096 pounds of food raised

North Leaside

  • Northlea (food raised) 2,711 pounds
  • Northlea (cash donations) $2,050 (which equals 2,050 pounds of food)

North Leaside Total: 4,761 pounds of food raised

North Leaside WINS the challenge (with a difference of 665 pounds of food raised).

Collectively – the 3 schools combined for almost 9,000 pounds of food raised.

Unbelievable! Congratulations are in order to all three schools. Northlea increased their donation from last year (2,200 pounds last year), and Bessborough and Rolph Rd totally stepped up and embraced the drive, and really gave Northlea a run for its money!

We hope that all three schools will participate in the challenge again next year!

Look for overall final total food drive results this week.

Mark (Sarah’s dad)